Unravel the retirement red tape.

Attend a FedImpact Workshop and learn how to maximize your federal benefits.

Successfully navigate the benefits maze.<br />

Successfully navigate the benefits maze.

Overcome uncertainty with a clear plan.</p>

Overcome uncertainty with a clear plan.

Avoid the red tape and retire ready.<br />

Avoid the red tape and retire ready.

You need a retirement road map, not another sales pitch.

You need a retirement road map, not another sales pitch.

Your time is valuable.

The last thing you need is one more presentation focused on selling you a product rather than answering your questions about your retirement benefits.

You’ve spent many years in government service. You deserve a day to think about your future and training that provides candid, no-nonsense facts about the options you have available to you.

Once you get clarity on your benefits, you are in the driver’s seat to identify where you need help. If you decide you need financial guidance, you can seek that advice from a licensed financial professional in the ProFeds Network.

Leave with more than benefits education.

Leave with a clear path forward.

ProFeds’ FedImpact Workshop is the leading source for understanding government retirement benefits.

This no-nonsense workshop helps you to:

Translate complex benefits language.

Federal retirement benefits have a language all their own – like CSRS, FERS, TSP, FEHB, and FEGLI. FedImpact Workshops help you decode each program so you can make informed decisions.

Identify your most important tasks.

Exceptions, specific timelines, and special considerations can stand between you and the benefits you’ve earned. In this training, you’ll learn the missteps that could trip you up and how to get the most out of your government benefits.

Clarify the path to retire ready.

FedImpact Workshops put you in the driver’s seat with training that helps you understand the benefits available to you and how to access them. After you’ve attended our workshop, you can meet with a licensed professional in the ProFeds network to complete your free FedImpact Retirement Report, a customized, in-depth analysis of your current retirement plan that gives you a bird’s-eye view of your projected retirement income.

A candid approach to federal employee retirement training.

What is the FedImpact Retirement Workshop?

What is the FedImpact Retirement Workshop?

Federal retirement benefits can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

The FedImpact Retirement Workshop is designed to simplify complex concepts and explain them in easy-to-understand language to help you appreciate how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect your financial situation.

In this unique training, you’ll quickly see how to apply what you learn in the classroom to your own situation. Rather than teaching you technical details about benefits rules, the goal of the workshop is to educate you on the financial impact of retirement and benefit options so that you can make informed decisions based on sound information.

After the workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with a financial professional. ProFeds has created a network of financial professional dedicated to working with federal employees so you can have clarity regarding your benefits and create a checklist of your most important action items.

Frequently Asked Questions about FedImpact Workshops:

Who can attend?

Federal employees and their spouses can attend.
That said, the employees who typically benefit most from this workshop are within 5-10 years of retirement.

What happens after the workshop?

The financial professional who hosts the workshop offers each employee an opportunity to meet to review their specific situation and develop a personalized FedImpact Retirement Report together.

This analysis helps to demonstrate the value of their benefits and identify key decisions to be made as they move closer to retirement. This benefits review is offered at no cost to the agency or employee.

How is ProFeds related to financial professionals?

ProFeds is a nationwide support structure for financial professionals serving federal employees.

The ProFeds team provides tailored training to financial professionals on the unique complexities of federal benefits to help them provide credible, top-notch financial planning services to their federal clients.

Just 3 steps to retire ready.


Attend a FedImpact Workshop.<br />

Attend a FedImpact Workshop

Take your first step to understanding the spectrum of benefits you are eligible to receive and start creating a vision for your post-retirement life.


Complete the FedImpact Retirement Report.

Complete the FedImpact Retirement Report

After completing the workshop, get one-on-one help to develop your free FedImpact Retirement Report and start identifying where you need help.


Take Action to Retire with Confidence.

Take Action to Retire with Confidence

Overcome uncertainty with a clear plan in place. Enjoy the time and money to live the life you’ve been planning. Your retirement from federal service is your badge of honor!

Attendees are talking!

“This information was what I needed to hear for today’s reality. Excellent advice and honest atmosphere. Thank you!”

A.S., Dept of Homeland Security, Texas

“I had no idea about the things I learned today. Thank you so much – not just for me but also for my family.”

H.S., Dept of Veterans Affairs, Arkansas

“Don’t wait until it’s too late! Attend while you still have the latitude and time to make an impact on what happens to you post-retirement.”

E.S., Dept of Justice, New York