Retire with financial confidence.

FedImpact is the leading source for candid, no-nonsense federal employee retirement training.

Successfully navigate the benefits maze.<br />

Successfully navigate the benefits maze.

Overcome uncertainty with a clear plan.</p>

Overcome uncertainty with a clear plan.

Avoid the red tape and retire ready.<br />

Avoid the red tape and retire ready.

The federal benefits system is a maze of regulations, forms and a slew of acronyms that complicate your decisions.

The federal benefits system is a maze of regulations, forms and a slew of acronyms that complicate your decisions.

The choices you make now will affect your retirement income down the road.

Trying to navigate the federal benefits system can be confusing and frustrating. Making the wrong decisions could have a significant impact on your future.

You could end up:

● Losing out on benefits you’ve earned
● Paying too much in taxes as a retiree
● Returning to work because you’ve run out of money

Your retirement from federal service shouldn’t be a mess of red tape and uncertainty – it should be a badge of honor.

You need a roadmap to retire with confidence.

Simplify the complexity of government retirement benefits with FedImpact.

This no-nonsense workshop helps you to:

Translate complex benefits language.

Federal retirement benefits have a language all their own – like CSRS, FERS, TSP, FEHB, and FEGLI. FedImpact Workshops help you decode each program so you can make informed decisions.

Identify your most important tasks.

Exceptions, specific timelines, and special considerations can stand between you and the benefits you’ve earned. In this training, you’ll learn the missteps that could trip you up and how to get the most out of your government benefits.

Clarify the path to retire ready.

FedImpact Workshops put you in the driver’s seat with training that helps you understand the benefits available to you and how to access them. After you’ve attended our workshop, you can meet with a licensed professional in the ProFeds network to complete your free FedImpact Retirement Report, a customized, in-depth analysis of your current retirement plan that gives you a bird’s-eye view of your projected retirement income.

ProFeds is your experienced guide through the government benefits maze.

At ProFeds, we know you want to retire from your government career feeling confident about your financial future. You simply need a sound retirement plan to get there.

The problem is that federal benefits can be confusing. It can be downright frustrating trying to understand your benefits and the array of special exceptions afforded to federal employees.

At ProFeds, we are federal retirement professionals and educators—and we understand the benefits maze. Since 2008, we’ve helped tens of thousands of federal employees across the U.S. plan for retirement. We designed the FedImpact Workshop specifically to address the unique complexities you face as a federal employee.

In our no-nonsense FedImpact Workshops, we guide participants through the government benefits maze. Our mission is to help you to understand what is available, avoid the red tape, and create a clear plan to retire ready.

ProFeds is proud to be a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), which carries an impeccable reputation with federal agencies and employees alike. ProFeds is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder 47QREA19D000Y.

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The path to a confident retirement is a click away.


Attend a FedImpact Workshop.<br />

Attend a FedImpact Workshop

Take your first step to understanding the spectrum of benefits you are eligible to receive and start creating a vision for your post-retirement life.


Complete the FedImpact Retirement Report.

Develop Your FedImpact Retirement Report

After completing the workshop, get one-on-one help to develop your free FedImpact Retirement Report and start identifying where you need help.


Take Action to Retire with Confidence.

Take Action to Retire with Confidence

Overcome uncertainty with a clear plan in place – and take action to make it happen. Enjoy the time and money to live the life you’ve been planning. Your retirement from federal service is your badge of honor!

Attendees from across the U.S. are raving about their experience at a FedImpact Workshop.

“Wish we had this 10 years ago…it made the retirement system easy to understand.”

K.F., Department of Justice, Milwaukee, WI

“Take this workshop. The most informative retirement workshop I have ever attended. Easy to understand and very straightforward.”

M.M., National Transportation Safety Board,
Washington, DC

“This session has made me realize how much more planning I need to do before I retire.”

S.A., U.S. Courts Federal Judiciary,
Shreveport, LA

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