SF-182 Training Authorization Form

The ProFeds Federal Retirement Impact Workshops cover all of the required training elements for pre-retirement training as dictated by the Office of Personnel Management.

This allows federal agencies to utilize their discretion to allow employees to attend our workshops without charging leave. The ProFeds workshop becomes that employees appointed place of duty for that training time.

Employees or supervisors can utilize the SF-182 Training Authorization Form which includes ProFeds’ federal contractor information and training codes.

If the agency requests, ProFeds will provide a signature on page 2 of the SF-182 at the conclusion of the workshop.

CLICK HERE to download the SF-182 Training Authorization Form (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions about the SF-182

  • Do I have to get the SF-182 signed by ProFeds before I attend? 
    No, simply bring the document with you and our speaker will sign it to certify you were present.  You will then provide the completed document back to your supervisor to be processed.
  • Is this document required by ProFeds to be able to attend?
    No, this document is NOT required by ProFeds.  You’re welcome to attend the workshop without this document.  We simply provide this as a courtesy to help federal employees know the correct codes and information to use to start the process.
  • What if my supervisor won’t approve my SF-182?
    This simply means that your agency won’t grant work time to attend.  If you need to take a day of leave to attend, it will be the most productive day of leave you’ve ever taken – we promise!