Outreach to Federal Agencies

We’ve recently seen an influx of federal employees retiring and we hear that many agencies are struggling to provide quality training to them in a timely manner.

Without proper training, employees end up retiring without fully considering all of their options – and then leave frustrated that a lifetime of public service ended without their best interest in mind.

In addition to offering on-site workshops through federal agencies, we also offer some NO-COST training options to federal employees in select areas throughout the country.  

To see all of our NO-COST community-based
trainings available,
go to FedImpact.com/Attend

You can also download a 1-page overview
of the workshop by CLICKING HERE.

ProFeds is a GSA Schedule Contract Holder (47QREA19D000Y) who has delivered this training virtually to thousands of federal employees this past year. As we begin to go back to our in-person sessions, we want to make certain that federal employees know that this training is available to them.

A few important notes about our training:

  • OPM’s Financial Literacy Initiative: Our training helps federal agencies to satisfy their obligation to make pre-retirement training available to their employees (giving agencies the discretion to allow their employees to attend our training during their regular paid work day).
  • A candid perspective: This training has been designed to be very straightforward so that federal employees can clearly understand the opportunities (and dangers) ahead in retirement. We offer a candid perspective which is generally unavailable from traditional training programs.
  • Financial-based material: We recognize that federal benefits cannot be looked at in a bubble. Federal employees MUST have context to understand how their decisions affect other parts of their financial life. We bring that context without pushing products or giving advice.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our local training opportunities.  Please call our Workshop Outreach Specialist, Tony Rozier, at (844) 776-3337 (ext. 712) or CLICK HERE to send us a message.