FedUpward Podcast: Featured Guest


Love Rutledge, host of the FedUpward Podcast,
interviews ProFeds Founder, Chris Kowalik,
on the 2020 FEHB Open Season.

Chris shares some important considerations when federal employees are contemplating making changes to their FEHB plans during the annual Open Season (November 9th – December 14th, 2020).

The topics that we covered included:

  • Actions allowed in the Open Season
  • Main differences between the “high” and “low” options
  • What to look for when choosing a plan
  • Value of “premium conversion”
  • Leveraging the Flexible Spending Account
  • Choosing who is covered
  • Special choices for federal employees married to one another
  • Dental and Vision coverage (included in FEHB and standalone)
  • How to make sure you can keep FEHB in retirement

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