Certify your service

Federal employees who have ever had the following types of service at any point in their careers need to take action:

  • temporary service (where you were not contributing to the CSRS or FERS retirement system),
  • refunded service (you received a refund of previously contributed funds to theĀ CSRS or FERS retirement system upon leaving federal service, and then returned to federal service), or
  • military service (active service is creditable for CSRS and FERS, but a deposit is required).

The Certified Summary of Federal Service will line-item each piece of federal service that you have ever served, and alert you if any action needs to be taken (like a required deposit or payment).

This 2-page form is embedded in the larger retirement applications for the respective systems, but can be submitted as a standalone document at any point in an employee’s career:

The earlier you discover that a piece of service needs your attention (read, “you owe something), the more time you have to take action!