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ProFeds is a proud sponsor of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation

ProFeds provides federal employees various training platforms with a no-nonsense approach

to evaluating the financial impact of benefits decisions made as they near retirement.

ProFeds Members Raise $30,000

for the FLEOA Foundation

The ProFeds Mission

While federal benefits are often confusing and difficult to interpret, we’re able to break down complex concepts into easy‐to‐understand language to show employees how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect their overall financial situation.  

Regardless if we're on a short webinar or a full-day workshop, we focus on educating employees on the financial impact of their retirement and benefits decisions – and to make those decisions carefully based on sound information.

Retirement & Benefits 
Training Available

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Tailored training for FLEOA Chapters

If you wish to offer LEO-specific retirement training the to the Members of your FLEOA Chapter, provide some basic information and then schedule a call to discuss the details about the training your Members would find beneficial.


ProFeds Support of FLEOA & the Foundation

Curious what the LEO community says about our training?

“This class is important for making choices EARLY in your career, not just for last few years prior to retirement!” 

D.C., DHS/USBP, New Mexico

“Start now on planning for your retirement. ProFeds is great and has a lot of information that will help you get on track and/or make that first step.”

A.B., USPS/OIG, Texas

“You MUST attend! Don't wait until it's too late! Go while you still have the latitude and time to make an impact on what happens to you post-retirement. I had the benefit of being on a squad that was very senior and had many people retiring. They had a lot of advice, but this has been excellent to not only vet what some of them said, but to take into consideration my situation.”

E.S., DOJ/FBI, New York

“Covers a lot of helpful topics and opened my eyes to things I should be doing now.”

R.C., NCIS, North Carolina

“It will definitely open your eyes about what your federal benefits actually are, costs, challenges you will face, and how necessary it is to do this early.”

L.G., DHS/HSI, Texas

“Very comprehensive course. Nuggets learned even for those well versed on the subject”.

M.D., DHS/USSS, Georgia

“Excellent advice in a cool-headed and truthful atmosphere. This was information I needed to hear even if it was not what I wanted or expected but today's reality. Thank you for your time and profession!”

A.S., DHS/CBP, Texas

“I’d tell my peers they’ll receive detailed information that is NOT going to be provided by our agency.”

C.H., U.S. Army/CID, Indiana

“Take this seminar well in advance of retirement and again as a refresher within a few years of retirement.”

M.O., DHS/FPS, Nebraska

“Strongly recommend! Excellent training. Clear, to the point, easy to follow, very instructive & helpful! The best retirement seminar attended. Thank you very much!”

D.R., DHS/CBP, Florida

“The class was amazing and I especially enjoyed the presentation from someone in the private sector who specializes in federal retirement benefits. It was not simply someone from my agency or OPM giving facts or opinions.”

R.M., Treasury/IRS-CI, Tennessee

“Chris is very knowledgeable and definitely at the top of the heap of those doing these sorts of things around the country. This should be the class they should seek out once retirement becomes something they are thinking about.”

C.B., DOJ/USMS, Indiana

“Take this early in your career.  Take it seriously. Think long term.”

B.J., DHS/ICE, California

“It was excellent and I would highly recommend this class. The presenter knew her stuff – not only the basic FERS but also the CBPO retirement differences. Very knowledgeable. 5-stars!”

T.Z., DHS/CBP, Colorado

“Get this information earlier in your career than later so you won’t have to play catch up.”

S.L., DOJ/DEA, Texas

“Great class. Great way to spend one day to improve your forever.”

R.S., DHS/FAMS, Georgia

“This is an important topic. Denial and delay is not an option.”

M.D., GSA/OIG, Massachusetts