FedImpact Podcast Episodes

Welcome to FedImpact: Candid Insights for Your Federal Retirement with Chris Kowalik 

Chris Kowalik is a nationally recognized federal employee retirement benefits expert, and a frequent speaker and trainer for federal employee organizations and financial service firms throughout the country.

As the developer of the Federal Retirement Impact Workshop, Chris has analyzed the challenging retirement scenarios for thousands of federal and postal employees – helping them to avoid costly mistakes, and highlighting opportunities for them to gain greater financial security in their retirement years

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Episode 141: Retirement – Are You In It to Win It?

Episode 140: Striving for Financial Freedom in Retirement

Episode 139: Why Your Agency’s Retirement Estimate Isn’t Enough

Episode 138: Your Mindset on TSP in a Down Market

Episode 137: Playing Offense & Defense in Retirement

Episode 136: Your Retirement Scorecard

Episode 135: TSP’s Comedy of Errors in 4, 3, 2, 1…

Episode 134: The 3 Key Professionals to Have in Your Corner

Episode 133: Why Federal Employees Should Avoid “Rules of Thumb”

Episode 132: 5 Places Where Feds Should Not Go to For Advice

Episode 131: How the FERS Supplement is Affected if You Work After Retiring

Episode 130: Why High COLAs are Not a Good Thing

Episode 129: FEGLI Option C (When You Have No Eligible Family Members)

Episode 128: Rules for Keeping FEHB in Retirement

Episode 127: The TSP Early Withdrawal Penalty

Episode 126: The Goals, the Gap and the Gains

Episode 125: New TSP Withdrawal and Loan Options from CARES Act

Episode 124: Volatile Market: The TSP and the Coronavirus

Episode 123: Understanding the Financial Impact of Proposed Benefits Changes for Federal Employees and Retirees

Episode 122: Pros and Cons of TSP Lifecycle Funds

Episode 121: How Federal Employees Can Prepare for Taxes in Retirement

Episode 120: Is Deferred Retirement A Good Choice?

Episode 119: Survivor Benefits: Children and Insurable Interest

Episode 118: Understanding Spousal Survivor Benefits

Episode 117: Federal Couples: Making Decisions for Retirement

Episode 116: How FEHB and Medicare Work Together in Retirement

Episode 115: How the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Works in Retirement

Episode 114: The Ins and Outs of the FERS Special Retirement Supplement

Episode 113: How Part-Time Service Affects Federal Retirement Eligibility and Annuity Calculations