"Federal employees often spend an entire career serving the public interest, and never get the opportunity to properly prepare to retire.    

After analyzing thousands of cases, this is clear: federal employees simply want an easy explanation of their benefits so they know what to expect when they ultimately retire."    - Chris Kowalik, Founder


A Candid, Fresh Approach To Federal Retirement Training

ProFeds' Federal Retirement Impact Workshop is a unique CSRS and FERS benefits class helping thousands of federal employees apply what they learn in the classroom to their own situation.

Tackle Real Problems With Real Solutions

Federal employees attend these workshops with real problems and seeking real solutions - it's really that simple. Most are afraid of running out of money in retirement, they wonder how benefits might unexpectedly change in retirement, and what can be done between now and retirement to be better positioned.


In this session, there's no bashing and no sugar-coating -- just straight answers that employees can actually use to improve their plans for retirement.

Instead of teaching at a very technical level regarding the benefit rules, the workshop's core objectives are to:

  • break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language
  • educate employees to understand the impact of their retirement decisions
  • help employees to create an action plan to proactively better their financial situation
Align with OPM's Objectives to Partner with Federal Agencies

ProFeds partners with federal agencies to provide benefits and retirement training in accordance with the Office of Personnel Management's financial literacy objectives.   The result is high-quality training to their employees at various stages of their careers delivered in an interactive and lively session for federal employees to focus on the bigger financial decisions as they approach retirement.

Address the Most Common Challenges
  • Budget constraints leave HR departments understaffed and unable to train in-house
  • Federal employees are overwhelmed and confused about how to prepare for retirement
  • Without proper guidance, employees often make uneducated decisions that carry long-term consequences

4 Ways to Access the Training
What Attendees Say About the Workshop
Sample Workshop Agenda
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 4 Ways to Access the Training

  • Attend a local workshop

    Choose from pre-scheduled workhop dates in your local community. Add yourself to the waiting list to be notified when new locations and dates are announced.

    >>> See current locations and dates

  • Retirement Training On Demand

    For employees who want immediate access at their fingertips, we have a self-paced online course!

    >>> Get details sent to you

  • Host a workshop on-site

    Coordinate an on-site training for employees at your federal agency or office. Choose from several tailored options to fit your employees' specific needs.

    >>> Learn how and get more info

  • Invite Chris Kowalik as a Guest Speaker

    Request Chris Kowalik of ProFeds to speak at your convention, conference, or symposium.

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Topics Covered in the Workshops

For a more detailed agenda, click here

General Retirement Planning
Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS)
Survivor Benefit Plan
Social Security
FERS Special Retirement Supplement
Taxes on Federal Pensions
Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
Federal Employees Health Benefits
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
Thrift Savings Plan

What Attendees Say About the Workshop

"The workshop you delivered yesterday was phenomenal.  I enjoyed the presentation as well as the class participation and interaction."
D.S., U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Washington, DC

“Wish we had this 10 years ago…it made the retirement system easy to understand.”
K.F., Dept of Justice, Milwaukee, WI

"Don't miss this!"
A.G., Securities & Exchange Commission, Washington, D.C.

"This class is a must have...a life changing course."
J.B., Dept of Defense, Washington, DC

"Thorough, well paced, clear, timely, very well organized, and insightful. Definitely worth your time."
J.R., Dept of Commerce, Arlington, VA

"Take it! I have a much better understanding of how our retirement system works."
D.B., Dept of Agriculture, Bozeman, MT

"The most informative retirement workshop I have ever attended thus far. Easy to understand and very straight forward."
M.M., NTSB, Washington, DC

"It's easy to see why you're in such high demand.  Your material was spot on."
J.R., Dept of the Army, San Antonio, TX

"Chris is the best instructor I’ve had in 14 years of government service."
K.J., Dept of Justice, Washington, DC

“As a result of today’s session…I will make a retirement plan.”
C.G., Dept of Health & Human Svcs, San Pedro, CA

"The most information I have ever received and heard in my ENTIRE military and federal years."
L.B., Dept of Defense, Washington, DC


"Chris is very knowledgeable.  The workshop is well worth the time; very informative, helpful in retirement planning… enlightening!!"
R.A., Dept of Defense, San Antonio, TX

"Be sure and attend class in plenty of time. There is so much great information provided. I learned so much. Outstanding and comprehensive. Thank you Chris!"
J.E., Dept of Defense, San Antonio, TX

"Didn’t try to sell anything but did give a lot of information about the pros and cons of each federal program." 
M.H., Dept of Defense, San Antonio, TX

"All information discussed was very informative and beneficial. Not just one topic- all topics! Excellent seminar!"
J.P., Dept of Agriculture, Annapolis, MD

"It is very thorough and broken down into “layman” terms. Learn about survivor benefits and FEHB. You will learn how your decisions WILL affect your family. Learn to protect yourself and your family."
L.D., Dept of Agriculture, Annapolis, MD

"It is better than any seminar provided by HR at work."
S.M. Dept of Defense, Annapolis, MD

"Such important information. Better to know when you start out, but definitely go to make sure you have all your ducks in a row so you are not surprised when it comes time to retire."
L.R. Dept of Agriculture, Bozeman, MT

"Take it! I have a much better understanding of how our retirement system works."
D.B., Dept of Agriculture, Bozeman, MT

"Extremely well rounded and informative. Very blunt and to the point." 
H.K., Dept of Defense, Annapolis, MD

"You must attend because it is much better than the agency class."
R.L., Dept of Homeland Security, Springfield, VA


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“Chris is excellent—a smart cookie! I will plan, pay down debt and stay healthy!”
C.N., Dept of Justice, Shreveport, CA

“Excellent class. I’d like to see more of this type of information being shared at the facility. After today’s class, I will create a realistic budget for how much I will need in order to retire without financial strain.”
R.M., Dept of the Interior, Washington, DC

"It is a must...and the sooner the better!"
L.R., Dept of Homeland Security, San Antonio, TX

"I have attended several retirement briefings but this is the only one that has made sense! Great!"
N.R., Dept of the Air Force, San Antonio, TX

"Take it younger; most of the participants are about to retire. Chris is the best instructor I’ve had in 14 years of government service."
K.J., Dept of Justice, Washington, DC

"Highly recommend. This is the best workshop I have attended thus far."
L.P., Dept of Health and Human Svcs, Potomac, MD

"Absolutely essential to retirement planning."
T.K., Dept of the Navy, Arlington, VA

"Take this workshop. The most informative retirement workshop I have ever attended thus far. Easy to understand and very straight forward."
M.M., National Transportation Safety Board, Washington, DC

"I learned a lot and am so glad I attended....You're a SUPER speaker and it's easy to see why you're in such high demand.  Your material was spot on, informative, easy to understand."
J.R. Dept of the Army, San Antonio, TX

"Class is much easier to understand. Feedback is immediate and effective."
V.H., Dept of Homeland Security, San Antonio, TX

"They must attend if thinking about retirement. I will pass along to all my co-workers at USPS!"
J.F., U.S. Postal Service, Little Rock, AR

"Very informative to come to and to learn what you have coming and what to do and what not to do.  The things we learned today, I had no idea about.  Thank you so much, not just for me but for my family." 
H.S., Dept of Veterans Affairs, Little Rock, AR

"Very informative. Relevant early in career as well as closer to retirement."
M.C., Small Business Administration, Little Rock, AR

"The information provided at this workshop is thorough and comprehensive. The earlier you attend this workshop in your federal career the better!"
A.W., Dept of Health & Human Svcs, Little Rock, AR

"Thank you so much for the excellent seminar. As I near my MRA the info provided helps me the options and risks much better!"
K.K., Dept of the Army, Barstow, CA

"You will definitely learn something that will help with your retirement plan."
D.G., Dept of Homeland Security, Orlando, FL

"Very informative and logically assembled to translate to easy-to-understand concepts."
K.A., Dept of Defense, St. Petersburg, FL

"This class was very informative. Helped to recognize things I need to know to prepare for retirement." 
G.T., Dept of Defense, Brandon, FL

"Advise family and friends not to wait so long to get this information."
D.C., U.S. Postal Service, Fort Myers, FL

"Will better inform you of how all your benefits are set up and what ways you can maximize to fit your life." 
P.H., Dept of Agriculture, Montgomery, AL

"That was informative and helpful!"
A.L., Dept of Justice, Clarksburg, WV

"Take this class ASAP!"
R.M., Dept of the Treasury, Washington, DC


Sample Workshop Agenda

General Retirement Planning
  • Tips for being better prepared for a smooth transition into retirement
  • Checking beneficiaries on all federal benefit programs
  • Understanding what you have and what you need to know about decisions to make at retirement
Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS)
  • Eligibility requirements and how to choose the best retirement date Deposits, Redeposits & Military Deposits
  • Special Considerations for Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers and Firefighters
  • Calculating the CSRS & FERS annuity
  • Application of unused sick leave and annual leave at retirement
  • Voluntary Contribution Plan
  • Cost of Living Adjustments in retirement
Survivor Benefit Plan
  • Coverage and cost, and who can benefit from SBP
  • Considerations for electing SBP at retirement
  • Important connection with FEHB
Taxes on Federal Pensions
  • Federal tax implications
  • State tax implications
  • Retiree-friendly states
Social Security
  • Program overview
  • What happens if you work after drawing
  • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)
  • Government Pension Offset (GPO)
  • Cost of Living Adjustments
FERS Special Retirement Supplement
  • Eligibility requirements and calculation of the benefit
  • What happens if you work after retiring
  • Cost of Living Adjustments

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Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
  • Coverage and costs while employed
  • How FEGLI changes and options available at retirement
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Fund choices, tax advantages and options within the TSP while working
  • How to maximize government contributions
  • Complementing the TSP with outside assets
  • Identifying your risk tolerance for investing
  • Options available at retirement
Federal Employees Health Benefits
  • Tax advantage of FEHB while working
  • Eligibility requirements to keep FEHB in retirement
  • Considerations for federal couples
  • Coordination between FEHB and Medicare Part B
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
  • What services Long Term Care insurance covers
  • Various ways to pay for LTC services
  • Coverage and costs for services
  • Eligibility requirements to obtain coverage
  • Options available through FLTCIP
Thrift Savings Plan
  • Fund choices, tax advantages and options within the TSP while working
  • How to maximize government contributions
  • Complementing the TSP with outside assets
  • Identifying your risk tolerance for investing
  • Options available at retirement
  • Tips to be proactive and understand the financial impact of the decisions to be made at retirement


About Chris Kowalik

Chris Kowalik
Chris Kowalik

Chris Kowalik is a nationally recognized federal employee retirement benefits expert, and a frequent speaker and trainer for federal employee organizations and financial service firms throughout the country.

She is certified by Long Term Care Partners as an approved trainer for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) which is approved by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Chris brings over a decade’s worth of experience in the financial services industry and is the most trusted expert among financial professionals serving federal and postal employees. As the developer of dozens of highly-regarded retirement planning materials for federal employees, Chris has also analyzed the challenging retirement scenarios for thousands of federal and postal employees – helping them to avoid costly mistakes, and highlighting opportunities for them to gain greater financial security in their retirement years.

Bringing extensive experience in one-to-one coaching, providing solutions to hundreds of challenging benefits cases, and conducting dozens of inspiring live training events – Chris has helped equip federal employees with confidence to make sound retirement planning decisions.  That confidence is based on a clear understanding of how the benefits work, how they apply to the employee, and what financial impact the employee will feel from his or her decisions.

Because of Chris’ background in the financial services industry, she knows first-hand the challenges that so many face as they plan for and approach retirement.  She believes that helping employees to take ownership of their decisions—or lack of decisions—is the first step to making progress in meeting their specific retirement goals.

While federal benefits are often confusing and difficult to interpret, Chris is able to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language and shows employees how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect their overall financial situation.

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 About ProFeds

PF-logo-email-newsletterProFeds is a nationwide support structure for financial professionals serving federal employees.

The ProFeds team provides tailored training to financial professionals on the unique complexities of federal employee benefits, and how those benefits work into an overall financial plan.

The specialized training allows the financial professional to truly understand how the benefits behave, the unintended consequences of certain decisions, and the limitations of what the government benefits can provide.  This helps them to provide credible, top-notch financial planning services to their federal employee clients with their specific benefit options integrated into their overall financial strategy.

ProFeds is proud to be a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned and Woman-Owned Small Business serving the training needs of federal agencies by providing quality workshops as a federal contractor (CAGE# 5YRG2).


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